Where I've Been Lately

Saturday, August 3, 2013


After some yummy Black Bear food I hopped over to Monterey to play at Dennis the Menace park, get some dessert at the wharf, say good night to my fishy friends at the aquarium, and buy some souvenirs on Cannery Row.

Any questions?

Black Bear Diner

After all that hoppin around Salinas I stopped at the Black Bear Diner for some yummy eatin'. This is a great restaurant that I think is only found in California. I hope they serve flies!

Any questions?


Hello all. My froggy journey has brought me to Salinas, CA where I have experienced some many great things.

Salinas is the home to John Steinbeck and grows so much lettuce that it is known as "The Salad Bowl of the World." I was able to drop by the train station where I ate a magic mushroom and turned into a giant.

Any questions?